01. What's the biggest shoe size you sell?

Our fabulous shoe line ranges from a size 9-14 to cater to women of taller statue or women with large feet. Custom Items can range in larger sizes as well for women and men.



02. How often do you add more shoes to your collection?

We update according to seasons but we like to add new items frequently.



03. How do your shoes run?

Our sizes are based as US sizes. We understand that everyone’s foot size is different & your selection will be made upon personal preference. You know your foot best.

04. Can I exchange purchased items?

Exchanges are made within 30 days only if item is damaged upon arrival.



05. What's your return policy?

Purchased items can not be returned.unless proven that item was damaged upon arrival.



06. What are your forms of payment? 

We accept any major credit/debit card as well as PayPal! You may choose the option you would like to use at checkout. .